It seems like lately I’ve been hearing so much debate on the topic of public breastfeeding. I for one am definitely an advocate for breastfeeding ANYWHERE.. I have a 4 month old baby and when he’s hungry, he’s hungry…so that means at the grocery store, the park, El Pollo Loco you name it, and I’m whipping the titty out. I just don’t believe that women should have to feel shame for feeding our babies. Besides, breasts were meant for nursing before they became a primarily sexual object.

Of course there are “other options”. We could cover up, but what if its hot? are you gonna sweat your kid out so you don’t offend someone? We could also  pump milk or use formula, but what if your baby doesn’t always take a bottle. Feeding our children should not be looked down on, postponing feedings for fear of judgment should be looked down on.

Breast feeding creates an unexplained bond between mother and child. Also, our milk has exceptional healing benefits and we are able to give our babies strong immune systems.So ladies don’t be afraid to free the nipple. Embrace wombmanhood to the fullest.IMG_20160701_183912